KillSomeTime Developer Update

"It's been a long day without you, my friend, and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again" – the exact quote that reminds us of Paul Walker has been valid for KillSomeTime. We know many of you grew up and laugh their asses off with this site, and I know many of you loved it, just like we do. Unlike Paul Walker, though, KillSomeTime and its community is something we can revive. As a small team of enthusiasts, we tasked ourselves with this important task. We believe it's crucial to bring back some joy, happiness, and a smile on people's faces whenever we can.

has been our way of doing that for the past year. We want you to know that we are working hard, and we are dedicated to restoring the site's former glory. With this, we are announcing our latest update: It may not look like it at first, but for the last year, we've managed to completely rewrite the site's code using modern 2021 technologies and laying the groundwork of the future KillSomeTime. You will notice many visual updates and functionalities. Some of the more significant changes that are now live:

- You now can upload your memes and videos and even create your own tags on the webpage.
- Your profile is a lot more customizable.
- You now have a timeline and the option to save your favorite posts, whether it is a video or a meme.

You will notice that over time, the community has returned, and the content of the site is richer, fun, and filled with interesting treasures to explore.
Meanwhile we will keep on working and adding new features and improving old once. A big update that is coming is the achievement system (that we will disclose more about in the near future). We've prepared various activities and tasks that will net you experience, which you will use to increase your personal KillSomeTime level. With the experience, achievements, and the leveling system, we will also give away rewards, which you can brag to your friends about. Have you ever wondered how many miles you've scrolled? It's time to find out!

Another big update is the return of some famous browser games, you can now play from the site. If you are developer yourself and you design interesting games, we will give you a chance to show your game on our platform. Games are to be played right? Some final words to add before we go back to work. Please be patient! Support our development by being a part of the community! Suggest ideas of what you’d like to see on the webpage, click on “Suggest a Featured Idea” and explain it. We will do our best to implement everything nice with sugar and spice 😉. If you notice a bug, let us know – use the “Report a Bug” button, we are here to squash it!


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