At least she has chocolate

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And e damaged car


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JaggyJay 1 month ago

Wow. People are awesome.

KOD848 1 month ago


sherrybrooks0120 2 months ago

Its time get the video from the store servalance

Jeremybell 2 months ago

That's crazy fr.

Jessie 2 months ago

Wow I be finding them

Enfield 2 months ago


SandyAnn 2 months ago

That's low how ignorant

MACHINEhed 2 months ago

It's private property parking lot. So there's nothing any of us can do. She actual got far more than most.

MRNB508 2 months ago

That's messed up but sure Walmart cameras caught it on tape

Dena 2 months ago

That's sad